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Since it can not be otherwise, Finca la Esperanza and Casa del Mar want to transmit, and teach the value of our all our clients. It is a pride as the farmer shows Canarian banana cultivation and is why we offer the opportunity to walk through our plantations.


We offer the possibility of a guided tour where you will learn many of the curiosities of the agricultural process of Canary banana first-hand: the reproduction and care of the plant, collecting, different irrigation used visiting two farms of the property, bringing water through corners and ditches as our ancestors did. Also, we will see how bananas are manufactured and classified in the warehouse of the Cooperative for subsequent sale in local, national and international markets. Consult service.



On our farm we have a variety of fruit trees (banana, orange, guayava, papaya, avocado, lemon, cactus).Thus, it will have at its disposal, a vertical garden with aromatic and medicinal plants (sage, mint, rosemary, mint, thyme, lavender, curry) and seasonal vegetables cherry tomatoes, peppers, zucchini ... where you can taste them daily without charge, like our fresh eggs from the free range chickens.

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