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Your holiday home in Gran Canaria

Finca La Esperanza 


It is a pleasure for us to welcome you to our banana tree plantations and learn a little more of the traditions, gastronomy, culture and economy of the Northern Zone of the island in a unique, sustainable and surrounded by nature.


Our properties are located in the very Excellency Arucas City, in the neighbourhood of Trasmontaña; centre of agricultural estates established since the conquest its heyday being between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in the banana monoculture during the interwar period, whose wealth came until 1950. Until 1970, Arucas was the municipality with a larger area of ​​land dedicated to the cultivation of bananas in the whole archipelago.


Finca La Esperanza is a traditionally built property in an "L" (building and room services, stables and warehouses) with large open spaces with an area of ​​15,000 square meters and a farm close to 120,000 Kg. bananas per year.


Casa del Mar, is a Casa de Finca de Plataneras, located in the North of Gran Canaria, at the end of the 19th century. Formed by a main building, with interior covered patio, 400m2, with industrial kitchen, dining room, 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a toilet, all accessible to all types of public. All rooms are exterior, overlooking the garden and the sea, or Plantation of banana trees and fruit trees. Both Finca La Esperanza and Casa del Mar, over the years has been renovated by its owner D. Juan Marrero Marrero and family, adapting the alpendre rooms adjoining the house in dining areas, barbecue, gym to offer a house accessible for all



Over the years the Finca La Esperanza and Casa del Mar, has been restored by its owner Juan Marrero Marrero and family rooms adjacent adapting a barnstlye home in dining areas, barbecue, fitness center to offer a home accessible to all.


We would also like to help them to get to know Gran Canaria and its corners, that special restaurant, this local product, or that landscape that beach to make your stay memorable.

Casa del Mar
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